Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drain Grate Hazard on W Braddock Rd in Alexandria

This treacherous drain grate, which can readily catch a bicycle wheel and cause a serious stopping-type bicycle crash, is located in the middle of the right-most travel lane (with the slots parallel to the direction of travel) on northbound W Braddock Rd (a signed bike route), approaching the intersection with N Quaker Lane, in the City of Alexandria VA. It's located directly across W Braddock Rd from the Lexus of Alexandria automobile showroom.

The lower photo shows how a bicycle front wheel can readily drop through the drain grate slots.

This serious bicycling hazard has apparently existed for many years, if not decades. Although this hazard has almost certainly been reported to City staff previously, I will use this post to repeatedly notify the proper authorities until the hazard is removed.

I've already filed a complaint via the City of Alexandria's website. The Request ID Number is 14602.

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